One Script.
One Gallery.
One Euro.

Optional of course!

Just download (11KB). If you like using it, I'd be glad to receive one Euro from you. Not more not less!



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Take a look at a Demo-gallery. You can log in with the password "packesel" and applay some changes. Changing text or image-sizes is not activated for security-reasons.


You use GALLERIESCRIPT? Let me know! I'm not only snoopy about your pictures, but also willing to put up a link. galleriescript [bei]

Possible Questions

My GALLERIESCRIPT is in German. What's "Einrichtung"?

Please download the file, extract it and put "lang.php" in the same folder as "index.php". Now everything should be shown in English.

Which requirements are needed to install GALLERIESCRIPT?

You need enough webspace for your pictures and the script and the server has to run PHP.

How do I install GALLERIESCRIPT?

In three steps:

Which file-formats can be processed with GALLERIESCRIPT?

Only JPGs, since this is the most common format for the usage in galleries.

Can I use GALLERIESCRIPT commercially?

Anyone can use GALLERIESCRIPT. Only the resell requires a written accreditation.

Can I delete the original images from the server, after installing them to save webspace?

That's no problem. You should deactivate the download-button in the settings though, to prevent error messages.

Can I locally save my settings somehow?

Your settings are saved in a seperate file called "einstellungen.php" in the main-directory. This you can save to your computer of course.

After changing the sizes of my images my browser has trouble showing them correctly. What's going on?

One possible reason is that your browser still has the old images in its cache. Try refreshing the page (F5).

I still have a question or suggestion. How can I contact you?

Send me an email: galleriescript [bei]

Björn Klein
Weserstr. 79
26382 Wilhelmshaven
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